Privacy policy

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This privacy policy covers what we collect, use, store and share about you.

What we collect and use

When you visit our site, we collect information like your device’s IP address as well as the pages and features that you use on This enables us to see if the site is working properly as well as help us improve its functionality.

We use a third party tool called Google Analytics to collect data on how the site is used so we can improve its functionality in the future.

Google forms are also used to collect feedback on We do not collect any personally attributable information using Google forms.

What we store

If you choose to use the Keep to Time functionality, we’ll store any information you enter into it for up to 30 days after the meeting time you specify. If you choose to give us feedback via our form, we may store the data here for up to three years. Analytics data we will keep for at least three years.

What we share

This site is subject to the laws of England and Wales, and if requested by the relevant authorities we will share information with them.


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