“This meeting’s running late. How can I get it back on track?”

Imagine giving everyone (including the office windbag!) a minimalist indicator of how much time you have left for your meeting. And then effortlessly tweaking an agenda item with the swift sweep of your mouse to give your boss more time to speak.

The brainchild of two equally frustrated meeting goers, KeepToTime helps you do all of this - and more - for happier, more productive and more effective meetings.

Meeting stats that will horrify you
  • ⅔ of meetings are regarded as failures
  • Only around a ⅓ of meetings have an agenda
  • A proper agenda can decrease meeting time by 80%

Source: Cornerstone Dynamics

Amplify your meetings’ effectiveness with KeepToTime’s meeting timer:
  • Powerfully clear visuals so you know where you are.
  • Take control with real time adjustments.
  • Share with everyone in the room. Or no-one.
  • Optional audio alerts tell everyone when it’s time to move on.

Are you ready to transform your meetings? Free to use and no sign-up required.